Les Chroniques du Sabbat Noir

jeudi 31 mars 2011

Hommage à Ronnie James DIO (RIP)

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  1. Sabbat-noir: thanks a lot for this cool blog!!!... BS are an incredible band!!!... Unfortunatelly i don`t speak your fine and charmous language, but this is not a problem if the matter is about a feeling, ins`t it?!... Okay, by the way, may be you can not believe (like me at first, until a friend show me a DVD of BS in France), but there is no much vid`s material about BS talking about their beggining (mainly their earliest two years, 1969 and 1970). One of the most well band`s performance were recorded without a doubt, in Paris (yes, Paris!... don`t you take it for bad, this is very strange for a metal fan)... but Sabbath is Sabbath, and they again demonstrates this already at the beggining... Well, you have a huge quantity of fine material and i`m pleasure to take some of them... Thanks from Brazil and "muito obrigado por tudo pessoal".